Well hello there! You found me, or perhaps I led you here. But alas, you are here. So, allow myself to introduce....myself.
I am Daniel Stein. A father before anything, a graphic designer and all around laugh em up kind of guy. I take pride in my ability to help a client fall in love with something they have envisioned, yet they haven't seen before.
I was born on Long Island NY (minus the accent) in a small town you can walk through in no time. However, it was close enough to the city to be engulfed with the art, architecture and let us call it culture since NY has plenty of that to offer. From the graffiti covered walls to Keith Harring pieces in the subways, I found myself drawn to the world of art. Pun very much intended here.
I studied at the Art Institute in Philadelphia, continuing to trade schools over the years to ensure I stay on top of design trends as the world evolves. Even in my later years I continued to study at the Digital Media Arts College in Florida.
Adaptive, highly motivated and ready to work with you.

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